Thursday, December 2, 2010

big house

So... I don't know if I have every really pointed out that I live at home with my parents right now.  With my current situation, living at home was the most logical decision...

  • My work is close to my parents' house
  • I am paying for graduate school out of pocket
  • I cannot live with my boyfriend since he lives too far away
  • I have no idea where I will be in a couple years after I graduate so, I cannot buy a house.
  • Renting an apartment would be a waste of money if I can live at home for free and pay for grad school out of pocket
  • I will have no debt once I graduate and will be able to afford a nicer house when I do buy one.

While I love my parents dearly and appreciate all that they do for me, living at home is just what you imagine it to be.  I mean, yes my mom will do my laundry and cook for me, but she also will call me if I don't come home by a certain time just to check that I am still alive... she will also 20-question me about everything, just because she is curious about my life.  I also cannot just sit around and do nothing for a day, because I feel guilty that I am being lazy when she is up and about working and cooking and cleaning... etc etc etc.  

This week... my parents are on a cruise with some of their friends and it has really hit me hard that I really don't like living alone, even if the alternative is living with my parents.  I constantly keep the TV on, because I like the background noise of voices talking.  I am calling Jay every minute because I want someone to talk to. I sleep on the couch downstairs, because when I am in my bed upstairs, I hear the creaking of my house and think someone is robbing it downstairs.  I have been eating out a lot, because making meals for only one person is never fun and I won't eat the left overs.  

I never realized how much I truly enjoy being surrounded by people. 

Another realization I have made this week is that I really like to entertain.  I had people over last weekend in celebration of having a big house to myself.  Just several of my friends gathered for food, laughs, and games.  I had fun going out and shopping for appetizers. I enjoyed writing the text messages to invite everyone over.  I liked making sure everyone was having fun. We had some beers/wine/cocktails and played good old fashioned pictionary.  It was a great time.  I really look forward to buying a house and hosting.  Jay and I have talked about how we think we will be great hosts since I love setting up parties and planning the music, activities, and food, while Jay is really great at cooking.  Hopefully the future comes sooner than I think it will.

 fun with food

 gathered around the table

 good ol' fashioned pictionary

 laughing it up

 plenty of beers consumed

 centerpiece and snack!

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! :)

I will leave you with a quote from the show Scrubs (one of my favs)...

"I don't think poeple are meant to be alone, 
that's why if you find someone you actually care about, 
it's important to let go of the little things" 
...the wise words of Dr. John Dorian.

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  1. Well, if you move to CO or WI then I'll cry because I won't be able to come to your parties.

    Stay with meeeeeeeeeeeeee.