Tuesday, April 19, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things.

I have an insane love for dresses. They are my favorite thing to wear.  I think it is because I do not have to put any thought into my outfit. I pick out a dress, sometimes a belt to go with it, a cardigan if its chilly and bing bang boom, I have a whole outfit! Dresses are easy. One piece of clothing and I am done. 

I recently counted the number of dresses in my closet (including the four I purchased last week... oops) and my grand total... yikes... 71 DRESSES. Holy guacamole! This includes summer dresses, maxi dresses, formal dresses, beach dresses, tshirt/jersey dresses, all of them... but I guess it is still an insane amount of dresses. I do, however, wear almost all of them all the time. I wear dresses whenever I can. In the summer with flip flops or strappy sandals... in the fall with tights, boots, and a cardigan... in the winter with leggings and sweaters. I wear them year round. Dresses anchor my closet.

It's a wonderful obsession.

in South Carolina Summer 09.

Dancing at Jay's mama's 50th bday party

Drinking wine at a friend's apt.

Derby Party May 2010

At a graduation party summer 2010

Ready to go out for my birthday July 2010

Boat Cruise for my birthday Summer 2010

My cousins baby, Summer 2010.

Bachelorette Party Summer 2010

Summer 2010 at the Chicago Botanic Gardens
(this doesnt really qualify since its a skirt, but i love this outfit)

Fall 2010. Before the DMB show in Chicago

Fall 2010

This past New Years

Seeing a band... being goofy.

March 2011 at a Breast Cancer Benefit

In Germany

Two summers ago

At a wedding a few years back

New Years Eve a couple years ago

At a bar at U of I

Dancing with Jay at a party

Fun with Shley in my basement

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    71 dresses? REALLY? I bet I don't even have 71 pieces of clothing. And I think I have, like, 10 dresses TOPS. Have you worn any more than once?

    GOOD LORD, Rachelle! I'm LOLing at that fact.