Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pick Chahs

I have finally decided to make the big jump. I am going to buy a camera. I real camera.

I have been through a plethora of point and shoot cameras, due to my clumsiness and my years of bar hopping in college ("Oh no, has anyone seen my camera? Oh wait... its on the floor in the puddle of beer... ruh roh."). So I currently own a crappy red Kodak something or other. I will continue to capture silly moments with my point and shoot, but I am a big girl now with a big girl job so I want a big girl camera for my big girl adventures! (as I throw a tantrum on the floor... stomping my feet, crossing my arms, and pouting)

After consulting my brother- my younger, but more electronically savvy brother- I have come to the conclusion that I am possibly going to buy a Cannon Rebel XSi. I am calling out to anyone who knows about cameras or who may possibly own this camera to please let me know if I am making the right choice. I am going to continue to look at reviews, because spending $600-ish on something is not something I do at the drop of a hat, so this will take me awhile... March or April will be my month of purchase.

I have been wanting to make this leap for awhile now, but with my Ireland trip coming up, I have finally found motivation to purchase. I cannot wait to capture the cobblestone streets, the cute pubs and coffee shops I imagine Dublin has. I know there are magnificent castles and all sorts of old architecture to see. I am giddy with excitement. I also plan on continuing my pattern of travel that my awesome parents have instilled in me (we have traveled somewhere every summer and sometimes also in the spring for almost every year of my life). Now I have the travel bug and I just have to keep on seeing and experiencing new places and cultures.

Hopefully in the future, I will be able to glitter this blog with pictures of my travels.

So any advice I can receive on camera buying from anyone who may possibly read this... please do let me know. Thank you!

Random Rachelle...
- today I slept a lot... it was fantastic.
- I am about to take my mom to the probably crappy Valentine's Day movie
- I love cardigans... I own them in So So many colors.


  1. (I came over from Ashley)...

    I just bought that same camera last month and LOVE it. Sure, it's not THE best dSLR you can get but when starting off it's best to buy down the body and buy up the lens.

    If you do buy this camera, look into the "nifty fifty" lens.

    It's one of the least expensive lenses but the photos you'll take will be stunning.