Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nursing School Meet Up

It is exhausting taking visitors around Chicago, because it is so expensive.  I love the city of Chicago, but downtown is just ridiculous. This past weekend a bunch of my friends from nursing school met up in the city. Two flew in from Murrels Inlet, South Carolina, two drove up from the Indianapolis area, and the other three of us are from the area.

We did a million bajilliion things this weekend... and I spent about that much money as well... a million bajillion.  It was totally worth it though, I had SO much fun.

The reason the whole meet up was initiated was because my old room mate and my best friend from nursing school, Christina, bought her boyfriend (who she met in nursing school) Peter a surprise ticket to Chicago for his birthday.  Then it turned into a nursing school reunion.

I met them at the rooftop of Rock Bottom. It was a pretty great place to have a couple drinks and be surrounded by sky craping buildings.  It is so nice when you meet up with friends after not seeing them for a year and you pick up where you left off. There was nothing awkward about it, we talked and laughed like we had seen each other just a couple weeks ago. 

 Christina and Peter on the roof top of Rock Bottom

 Christina, Peter, and Myself

We went up to the skydeck.  Which, after having done it in the last year or so... is really not that exciting.  Once you go up there, its something you just don't need to do again for another ten years... or until the next round of tourists come around and they want to go up there.  We did get to take fun pictures!

Sean (Peter's friend), Peter, Christina, Me (the short one), Jay, Laura (other room mate from nursing school)

Me and Jay

We walked from the SEARS tower, to Millenium Park...

Room mates from nursing school

Then we went to Navy Pier...
Being ridiculous
We went on an architecture boat tour of the city which took off from Navy Pier. This was surprisingly more interesting than I thought... mostly because there was a bar on the boat. haha.
Architecture boat tour... aka drinking tour!

Trump Tower

Beautiful City.
We went to a second city show called "Spoiler Alert: Everyone Dies". SOOOO funny. I am making it a point to start going to more of these shows.
We couldn't take pics anywhere else, but in front of the doors.

Went out for drinks afterwards...
At the Clark Street Ale House
We took them to Gino's East so all the out-of-town-ers could experience some delicious deep dish pizza.  Yum.  

We had drinks at Big Bar. I saw this place featured on the food network once... and it lives up to its name. They have regular sized drinks... or they have BIG aka Ginormous sized ones.
This margarita was the size of our heads!

My Bro met up with us at Big Bar

Then we just hit the town.
All of these nursing friends graduated about 6 months after I did. So, the last time I saw them was at their graduation, where I was the only working nurse at the time. It was fun talking about the different experiences we have had since we all got our jobs, all the crazy situations we have been placed in, and the different settings we all work in.  The world of nursing can be so different for each person, there are so many fields to work in, so if you do not like one type of nursing, there is bound to be another field that will cater more to your likings.  I am glad I became a nurse.  I'll be even more glad when I am a nurse practitioner in a couple years.

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