Monday, November 22, 2010

Slacker is me.

So... it is 1am... and I was supposed to work tonight, but our census was low, so I told them I would stay home if they didn't need me.  They didn't.  So here I am.. with a ton of  homework ahead of me.  And what am I doing instead of using the extra time to get ahead of the game? I am taking an awkward picture of myself on my webcam for all of you to see.  This is me... lying in my bed... snuggling up with my sweater... about to watch shows on Netflix.

I always do this. I wait until the last minute to do a homework assignment and then even if I find that I am given extra time... I end up catching up on the latest episodes of Dexter and Cougar Town instead of writing my Scientific Basis for Clinical Reasoning Paper. I suck.

I just work better under pressure. When I know the deadline is rapidly approaching, I can sit down, focus, and type twice as fast.  

So, I guess I will just take this time for rest and relaxation so I can wake up early and head to the library with laptop and headphones in my backpack.  

At least I am true to myself and am self aware of my flaws, right?

WAYYY more importantly than me being lazy... the new HARRY POTTER MOVIE!! Ahhhh!

I loved it.
Too bad I saw it with Jay who fell asleep and snored a little through the movie (I was mortified). Although I totally love him for coming with me, because no one else could see it on opening day with me. I was about to go alone.  I refused to see it at midnight, because packed theaters make me claustrophobic. I feel like I am breathing everyone in the theaters breath. Gross. Not to mention the lines and the stuffiness and the constant chatter and obnoxious, smelly people. No thanks. So we saw it opening day while everyone else was at work and the kiddies were at school. It was glorious.  If you are reading this and you haven't seen it yet... we aren't friends. So, redeem yourself and go.

That's all folks.

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  1. YAY Harry Potter!

    Seriously, get your homework done.