Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Five Cities in Eight Days

My trip with my girlfriends was a whirlwind of crazy. I do not even know how to summarize the trip in one blog post, but I will attempt!  

Five Cities...
1) Corvallis, Oregon
2) Newport, Oregon
3) Eugene, Oregon
4) Portland, Oregon
5) Seattle Washington

Each of these places was unique, different, and wonderful.

Trip started off with mimosas at my house!
 Katie is from Corvallis. She works for OSU and lives in a cute little ranch with two roommates and a pup named Pacey.  We hung out and ate pizza, walked around downtown and shopped, ate at a delicious vegan restaurant, played fuzball and pool at a bar, and watched Katie and her friends play indoor soccer.

Katie's roommate's dog Pacey. Cutie.
Cartwheels in the quad of Oregon State Univ.
Peace Bro!

We decided to drive to Newport which is on the Pacific Coast, especially since some of my friends had never seen the Pacific Ocean.  We played around on the beach for awhile, then ate yummy sea food.
Being silly on the beach.

Love is all around.

Stripes in the sand.

So pretty.

Moss covered trees everywhere.

Enjoyed the nature.

Headstands in the grass.

Ate delicious crab sandwiches.

From Newport we drove to Eugene and the drive was gorgeous and breathtaking. We took a longer route, but the route we chose drove along the coast and we stopped at some amazing spots.


Driving down the coast.

Reminds me of Ireland

Reminds me of the land before time

Manda lives in Eugene. She is in school to be a Waldorf teacher.  She lives in a ranch with her roommates Eliza and Eli. We hung out and ate pasta while watching Narnia our first night, then took a drive into the mountains the next day, then out to dinner and then Manda had her friends over so we could meet all her new pals.  Some of her friends know how to fire spin so they put on a fabulous show for us. We also painted a communal painting together.

Hanging out at Manda's

Manda's friends fire spun for us

More firespinning... a flower!

How cool!

An alien!

Communal painting that I started

A couple hours and about 15 people later...

Visited the Cascades

This city was new and interesting. I loved visiting, but it is too small for me to want to live there. If I am going to move to a big city it is going to be more like Chicago, or even Seattle would do! We had a ton of fun exploring Portland. We went to Powell's books... drank a ton of coffee at different coffee places... and ate lots of good food. We went to a movie/dinner/drinks place. Then, went out on the town at night.
Such positive graffiti!

Ate weird doughnuts from VooDoo Doughnuts. Shley's had bacon on it.

Drank 40's of High Life.

Danced at a gay bar.

Ate delicious food from the famous Portland Food carts.

Ate a nice dinner at Andina's a tapas restaurant

Lisa and I loved Seattle. The other girls had to go home and go back to work, but Lisa and I stayed a couple extra days to visit Seattle.  Overall, we loved it there and could even move there! The music scene is great, the food scene is fabulous, the night scene was fun. We also went on a food tour, which I hope to start doing in all new cities I visit.  We liked!
Went to: Experience Music Project

Up in the Seattle Space Needle

Beautiful view from the space needle.

Did a Pike Place Food Tour... tasted about 25 different things

The famous Pike Place Fish... they threw fish for us!
We did so much in 8 days... this barely skims the surface.  All seven of us being together was definitely an experiment.  We are all so different that we were not sure how the trip would go. Bringing seven strong personalities together is bound to cause some sort of trouble, but overall, it was a success!  We had lots of laughs and got ourselves in just enough trouble to cause a ruckus.  I love my friends.  We had so much fun and made so many fun memories!  I wish I could share all the photos with you, but there are hundreds upon hundreds. 

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