Wednesday, March 30, 2011

hop on the crazy train.

     I looked at the clock and it reads 10:30pm. What?! Where did the last 2 hrs go?! I got home from taking my friend Ryan out to dinner for his birthday and I was determined to get home and do homework the moment I got my pajamas on! How did the clock just fast forward to 10:30pm already? And then I recalled the last two hours...  oh dear...

     I walked in the door while on the phone with Jay who often keeps me company on my car rides, because car rides put me to sleep really really quickly. Unfortunately, this happens not only when I am riding as a passenger, but when I am sitting in the drivers seat, so Jay talks to me to keep me awake.  So, I walk in the door and immediately go upstairs to change out of my super cute, but skin tight black jeans and don my warn and comfy sweatshirt and pj pants.  Then Jay and I proceed to test whether our new cell phones can send text messages while we are talking on speaker phone. They do!  Then, we start playing angry birds on our phones while we are talking on speaker phone. Angry birds is so much fun.  I recommend the download, but I do have to warn you it will take over your life.  At this point, I finally realize we are seriously just wasting time. So we get off the phone. 
     I walk downstairs after I have put on my most comfy slippers and sit down and stare at my homework assignment. My assignment is to diagnose a skin lesion that a "Mrs P. who is 48 yrs old" has on her left cheek under her eye. The description says it's a woman who is fair skinned and has a mole that is growing and bleeds easily and blah blah blah blah blah. My eyes go cross eyed. I need a book! Duh! A book will tell me all the answers! So I go to the library. Other people call this room the "study" or the "office". I call it a library, because it is where I keep all my books.  Makes so much sense to me!  I find the book I need: Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking. I sigh... booorrrinnng.  To the left of my book is a plastic bin of blank cards. I love to send cards. Then I remember, I need to send Jay a card. He loves to receive cards! I sift through the packs of note cards and find a good one that isn't too girly.  I write him a cute note.  I sign, seal, deliver... well I don't actually deliver, just had to make reference to such a great song!

     Then I find myself sitting at the kitchen table wondering what was it I was supposed to do. Oh yeah! I went to the library for a book, not for a notecard! So I go back to the library and pick up the book. I sigh again... booooorrrrinngg! So, I pick up another note card and write a card to give to my cousin Kat who's bachelorette party is this weekend.  Then I find myself back at the kitchen table not doing my homework, but looking at Pioneer Woman's blog. The latest entry was one consisting of horse photos people sent in. So beautiful. I love horses. I wish I rode horses when I was younger. Horses are so majestic and beautiful. 

.....That is when I look at the clock. 10:30pm?!!!! 

     I am awful at concentrating and doing homework. Really really awful. Now I am tired and just want to sleep. So I have convinced myself that I am going to go to sleep and wake up early and do my homework, even though I very well know I am NOT a morning person. Maybe tomorrow will bring motivation and I will find myself at the library. The real library. The public library in a corner with headphones on, cranking out some awesome diagnoses and rationalizations as to why I think this lady has malignant melanoma.

Thanks for riding the crazy train. You may depart at this time.

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  1. I totally just laughed at you because you're ridiculous.