Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cabin Fever

Every summer I bring a bunch of friends up to my cabin for a weekend. We eat too much, drink too much, but never have too much fun.  It is fantastic. 

  • We ride around on our golf cart and laugh at silly things.
  • We visit the "boat graveyard"... a place where residents store their boats (at night time it is pitch black and we drive through and try to scare each other)
  • We swim at the pool and play "keep up" with the beach ball to see how long we can keep it up. 
  • We eat too many burgers, hot dogs, and bags of chips.
  • We drink too much beer.
  • We inhale too much campfire smoke.
  • We do not shower enough.
  • We wear flip flops all weekend long.
  • We do not check our cell phones as often as we do at home.
  • We have no access to the internet.
  • We watch no TV (sometimes we watch movies)
 ... its just a break from reality.

This cabin has been in my family for a very long time. When I was little it belonged to my parents' friends, eventually they sold the property to my parents and in the last couple years we got rid of the old cabin and a new one has replaced it.  There are 3 bedrooms, a loft, a kitchen, family room, and one bathroom. We have a big deck attached to it, a fire pit, a shed to house our golf cart. It is a very simple place, but we have lots of fun.

To help you understand the memories we form up there... pictures galore!

We ate Chicago Style hot dogs... topped with pickle, relish, onion, tomatoes, celery salt, pepper, mustard, NO ketchup! (missing a sesame seed bun). Delicious.

Jay very excited to eat his dogs.

We ate a lot of burgers as well.

Jay and me soaking up the sun.

  Some of my ladies that came up with me.

 Salsa made by Shley... needless to say we devoured this in 2.5 seconds.

We rode our golfcart around at 15mph... that's about how fast it can possibly go... pedal to the metal!

The girls enjoying our golf cart ride

Me and my love at the playground.

We met these random dudes... who were engraving rocks. They put my friends to work and told us they would give us a free engraved rock. We lost interest after awhile and were kind of creeped out (they were hilariously tipsy on Old Style)... so we ditched out before they gave us a free rock.

Love this place. It's on the Rock River and is always a great time. Had lunch here.

Enjoying our delicious lunch.

I purchased this ducky... At the end of the summer Fins sends all the duckies down the river and if your ducky makes it to the finish line first, you win something. It's for a good cause that helps fund a program that trains dogs for the blind.

The rain came to bother us just for a little while, but as you can see it did not bring down our cabin spirits!

We played a lot of games...
-Ladder ball (pictured on left)
-Bags (pictured on right)
-Whiffle ball
-Soft ball

Softball @ the park

Tennis! We quit after 5 games, Jay was "winning" 3-2. 
Don't tell him I let him win. He gets so mad when he loses.

Jay enjoying ice cream...
We get very excited to go to the ice cream social... happens every Saturday of the summer. 
Some of the cute old ladies of the neighborhood serve ice cream (6 flavors only) 
35 cents a scoop or 3 for $1!
@ the tiny general store

We played with fire. I just love this picture. Harry was holding a stick with a beer box on the end of it, set it on fire and voila! This picture was created.

We set lots of cardboard on fire.

Having fun with Shley.

We take shots out of only these teacups from the 1970s.  
Whenever I actually have my own house and kitchen I plan on including these into my dinnerware.

All my friends insist on wearing head lamps.

Lauren and I won ladderball. We were extremely excited! 
Mostly because we aren't competitive at all and our opponents were moreso, so it was funny when we won.

Overall.... the cabin trip was great fun. We had lots of laughs, lots of fun, and ate and drank too much. I need a couple weeks to detox my body to makeup for all the ickiness I put into it.  So worth it though. I am happy with all the fun memories we made.

... and I got to cross a couple things off my To Do List! :)

My Spring & Summer Fun To Do's
  • DONE Go to the beach
  • DONE Go to a museum
  • DONE Seek out photo ops 
  • DONE Go to Ireland (June 2-7)
  • DONE Kentucky Derby party @ Mike and Shley's (May 1)
  •  DONE Visit the Sears Tower (not Willis darnit!) Skydeck
  • DONE Have a bonfire
  • DONE Paint pottery
  • DONE Lake Geneva trip with my favorite ladies (June 17-19)
  • DONE Pride parade (June 27) 
  • DONE Summerfest for the 4th of July in Milwaukee, WI
  • DONE Go to a concert
  • Go for a long (for me) bike ride
  • Go to my cabin  (July 10/11 and Aug 7/8!!)
  • Ride a roller coaster
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Have a picnic
  • Go to the zoo
  • Volunteer
  • Play bocce ball
  • Gamble at a casino
  • See a movie in grant park
  • Go to a cubs game
  • Pitchfork music fest (July 16-18)
  • Play tennis
  • Go camping
  • Chicago Jazz Fest (Sept 3-5)
  • Paint with acrylics
  • Oktoberfest Chicago (Sept 24-26)
  • Sturgeon Bay, WI for my birthday with a few of my best ladies (July 21-23)
  • Family Picnic (July 24)
  • Possible South Carolina Trip (mid September)