Friday, July 2, 2010

Toby the turtle.

     Toby the turtle decided today was the day he would cross the big dirt road. Where did this lead him? Once he crossed this vast space of pebbles and dust what would be ahead of him? A lady bug then landed on his nose. "Hello." she said and flew away.
     "Well, that was rude. She could have at least stayed awhile." thought Toby.
     When he realized he did a good deed by giving a resting place for a ladybug on what was probably a long journey, he felt a lot better.
     right. left. right. 
             left. right left.
       Toby made it to the other side of the dirt path. Ahead of him was a field of sunflowers and on the other side of the field, a gigantic banana tree. Toby loved bananas.  This journey was far from over.  Although this had been thrilling so far, Toby could see that more exciting experiences lay just ahead for him...

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