Friday, July 23, 2010

Sturgeon Bay Birthday

Just got back from my mini trip with 5 of my favorite ladies to Sturgeon Bay, WI for my birthday.  While I should probably be sleeping (I have to work tonight) or doing homework (lots of stuff due), I am choosing this instead.  I want to remember all the details of our trip and this weekend is going to be busy busy busy, so I want to get it all out before I forget it all.
We left Wednesday morning and arrived in Sturgeon Bay Wednesday afternoon.  First stop? The beach.  We set up camp and enjoyed the sun.  It was so nice to finally relax and not think about work or school.
 Franke, Me, Maricel, Lisa and Lauren at Sunset Beach (Manda took the picture)

Lauren enjoying the water

Me and Franke... tummy time!

After getting our fill of sunshine and relaxation, we went on our way.  Our bellies were growling at us to feed them... so we decided on something quick and easy so we could go home, get our dancing shoes on and go out on the town.  We saw Hardee's and voted a YES, because we always see the thickburger commercials and quite the many of us have never eaten a thickburger, since we don't have them near us.  Turns out no one ordered a thickburger and we ate chicken tenders instead... thickburgers have an entire day's worth of calories in one sandwich... grooosss. 
After filling our bellies with greasy goodness, we went to our hotel and dolled ourselves up.  We had some cocktails and danced around to some fabulous tunes.  (We found out the next day that people complained of our noise... oops!) 

I love birthdays not only because they are a time of celebration and fun fun fun... but because my friends get me awesome presents!!  I opened up my presents this year and nothing has changed... I received wonderful things!  

From Lisa I got a ruffled gray jersey dress and fancy necklace. Which I ended up putting on and wearing all night.

From Lauren I got a pretty salmon colored linen top with brass details and a canvas belt to match.

From Franke I got a Casino-themed gift, complete with: Champagne, lottery tickets, dice game, chocolate gold coins, 21 the movie, a hand-held poker game, and a promise to take me to the casino this summer.

From Maricel I got a gallon of wine and a peacock ring holder. 

From Amanda I got a canvas bag, a canvas for painting, new brushes, and 3 rubber stamps to add to my ever growing collection.

I was so happy to have received such wonderful things! 
Thanks friends, you rock my world.

After we opened presents we hit the town. Turns out Sturgeon Bay has one street, three blocks long, with about 5 pubs.  We hit 4 of them.
In the hotel being goofy.
The drinks were so cheap compared to Chicago prices that we may or may not have went a little crazy.  We danced, we sang, we ate pizza, we took shots, I got a shirt at the last bar that everyone in the bar signed.  
posing with one of Sturgeon Bay's many statues of a sturgeon fish

my Van's Pub shirt
i love these ladies

 can u tell we had a fabulous time?
Butt loads of fun!

The next morning we woke up and went out to lunch at a place called Family Thyme restaurant. It was adorable and family owned.  
Lisa and the cute menu.  

After lunch we stopped at a cute little candy shop and bought delicious desserts. 

We drove north and went to Westwood Shores Resort to visit Jay's aunt.  She works here and lives in Sturgeon Bay.  The place is gorgeous and next time I am up in Door County I will definitely be staying here.  The suites are huge and they have two pools and a spot on the lake with paddle boats to rent for free.  Each suite comes with two bedrooms, a family room, a kitchen, a bathroom with a jacuzzi, and a balcony with a table and chairs that looks out toward the lake. A beautiful place.
Looking out at the lake.

 the girls in front of the resort.

We went to Door Peninsula Winery and went on a winery tour and tasted a bunch of delicious wines made from fruit grown in Wisconsin.
 happily tasting wine.

 I think I was tasting a wine called sunset splash. Yum. Summer day in a bottle.

 One of the many wine racks.

We went to Egg Harbor, a town north of Sturgeon Bay, and walked around.  We shopped around at a bunch of the cute shops in Egg Harbor.  We are major dorks and bought matching sweatshirts. 
When we got home, we took a little nap after our exhausting day, then went to Chef Andy's Nautical Inn for a very nice dinner.  I ordered Pan-crusted Halibut.  So. Unbelievably. Delicious. I recommend this restaurant 100%.
We went swimming when we got home and then it was 11:30pm before we knew it and off to bed we went.   We woke up this morning, left straight away and here I am!  I have to work tonight and then tomorrow more family and birthday festivities!  

Annual family picnic tomorrow, then straight to Madeline's house. Madeline and I share the same birthday, so she is throwing a birthday party in honor of our awesomeness!  
Time to nap before my 12hr shift at work!
My Spring & Summer Fun To Do's
  • DONE Go to the beach
  • DONE Go to a museum
  • DONE Seek out photo ops 
  • DONE Go to Ireland (June 2-7)
  • DONE Kentucky Derby party @ Mike and Shley's (May 1)
  •  DONE Visit the Sears Tower (not Willis darnit!) Skydeck
  • DONE Have a bonfire
  • DONE Paint pottery
  • DONE Lake Geneva trip with my favorite ladies (June 17-19)
  • DONE Pride parade (June 27) 
  • DONE Summerfest for the 4th of July in Milwaukee, WI
  • DONE Go to a concert
  • DONE Go to my cabin  (July 10/11 and Aug 7/8!!)
  • DONE Play tennis
  • DONE Go camping
  • Go for a long (for me) bike ride
  • Ride a roller coaster
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Have a picnic
  • Go to the zoo
  • Volunteer
  • Play bocce ball
  • Gamble at a casino
  • See a movie in grant park
  • Go to a cubs game
  • Pitchfork music fest (July 16-18)
  • Chicago Jazz Fest (Sept 3-5)
  • Paint with acrylics
  • Oktoberfest Chicago (Sept 24-26)
  • Sturgeon Bay, WI for my birthday with a few of my best ladies (July 21-23)
  • Family Picnic (July 24)
  • Possible South Carolina Trip (mid September)

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