Saturday, May 22, 2010

beautiful ladies

     I went out to dinner and a movie with one of my dear friends, Madeline. We ate at Uno's (I had the "Spinoccoli" pizza... spinach and broccoli deep dish... oh yes, yes I did) and then saw Ironman2.  Scarlett Johansson starred in the movie and I have always thought she was beautiful.  I almost have a girl crush on her... okay, okay I do have a girl crush on her. 

     On my drive home from my girl date with Madeline, I was thinking about how I find some women to be beautiful.  I am not sexually attracted to them, but I just find a lot of women to just be gorgeous human beings.  Women, in general, are more beautiful than men, in my opinion, which obviously is very very valid.  Ha.  Some of the most beautiful women I know are my gal pals.  I may be biased, because they are my loves, but I think all my girlfriends are just so darn beautiful....










... I know you agree :)

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  1. Christina Hendricks (from Mad Men) is my ultimate "OMG, I would totes switch teams if she was interested" woman. She's a goddess.

    I used to love ScarJo too, but since she lost a bunch of weight, I'm just not as interested.

    She's too skinny, just like every other Hollywood starlet.

    Remember Manda's 21st bday (I think...) I was all drunk and repeatedly almost crying about how we have such beautiful friends? This post was awesome.