Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Dday Recap

Last Sunday was a successful Mother's Day. My mom rocks.
Gifts Galore


Oh, Dante.

Yum. Red Wine. I have finally learned to like it.

Dad's Card

He always goes for the funny ones.

My dad totally picked it out himself! Good job!

My brother, Ryan, trying to look debonair.

My card... I tried to hint the purse theme.

She loves Coach

Painted it myself! (its a napkin holder)

Ryan's card: "Happy Mother's Day to a Mom who still looks great..."

... "You'd think any woman who raised me should look like hell by now"

Mom is always trying to eat healthy... a "guilt free" cookbook from Ryan

A cute cardigan from Ryan... I may have to borrow it.

The last surprise... another Coach purse from me. Just look at her expression :)

She digs it.

My mother and Auntie Mercie... two fantastic mothers. :)

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