Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shoe Therapy

I bought another pair of shoes.
They. Are. Beautiful.

I saw them when I bought my new brown boots, but I told myself not to buy two pairs of expensive shoes in one day.  So, of course, I just waited for a new day and went back and bought them! Duh!

Unfortunately, when I shop this much (I also bought three dresses, three button ups, a belt, and earrings... yikes!) it means something is wrong.  I use shopping as therapy.  Shopping is a way of making myself feel good when I am not feeling so good.  

My dilemma is quite personal, but in the end it sums up to this... long distance relationships are awful.  You are never happy enough, because you can't be with your lover as much as you want to be, but you would never be remotely happy without them in your life.  Conundrum. Lose lose. 

... so I went shopping... and it really did make me feel better.  

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    Those are so damn cute. I'm surprised you didn't get teal.