Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Exhaustion

Is it possible to be tired of having so much fun?
I am physically and financially exhausted from summer time. Every minute of every day has been planned out to the max.  I can't do it anymore! 

Since I last wrote I have been busy celebrating many things:  
-My friend, Harry, is moving away to Iowa to go to Pharmacy School.  We celebrated with giant margaritas on a Wednesday.
 Me and Harry
-Another friend, Manda, is moving away to Oregon to train to be a Waldorf teacher. We celebrated with a keg and blended drinks.
 Me and Manda
-Another friend, Lauren, turned twenty-six last week. We celebrated with Francesca's Forno in Wicker Park and cocktails in the city.  I really recommend this restaurant. Delicious.
Lauren and me.
So. Fun. So. Tired.

I can't deny that I am having a blast, but when the temperature starts to fall and the leaves are ready to turn orange hues, things start to slow down. I am ready for this.  I will have time to breathe, time to visit Jay, time to work out, time to collect and center myself. 

I also love to wear cardigans, scarves, and boots.  My fall outfits are my favorite outfits to wear.  Lots of layers, earthy tones, jeans, and boots galore.

 Scarf... Boots... Pea Coat!!!

One of my favorite yellow cardis!

Jay and I pumpkin picking... scarf... hoodie... jeans! 

I love fall clothes!

On a random note...
I had a meeting with my manager and director of nursing since I last wrote.  It was a half-way-through-the-year-to-touch-base kind of meeting.  One question I was asked was... "Do you like your job?"  I never really thought about it, but yes! Yes I do.  It is weird to say that. Most people (I think?) do not like their jobs.  I mean, if I had to choose between working at my job and not working at all, well shoot... I would pick not working.  Since I want to be a contributing member of society... and not a bump on a log, I do have to work and my job is a great one.  My hours are backwards (working night shift) but I love working three 12-hr shifts.  I love getting full time benefits and only working 36 hours a week. I also love the amount I get paid... for right now (being a single lady with no mortgage).  The commute is 25-35 minutes which is 1/3 of what Ashley M drives.  Can I complain? I am job-satisfied.

Back to my summer scheduling...
coming up...
-Chicago Botanic Gardens with some of my best friends on Thursday
-Pink and Black Glam Mustache bachelorette party on Saturday

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