Tuesday, April 27, 2010

my face

In beauty magazines they always have articles revealing the secret makeup tips and products that celebrities wear: "What's in Sarah Jessica Parker's makeup bag?"

Well, for anyone that wonders, "What's in Rachelle's makeup bag?" ...here ya go!

Face Wash and Moisturizer: Mary Kay Velocity
  • I love this combo. I have been using it for years now.  My skin is pretty sensitive, as I am sure many others are in the same situation, so this combo is super gentle.  I have trial and errored many drugstore lines and most have failed me... unhappy me with a spotty, pimply, oily face. Not fun. At all.
  • Price: Face Wash $10; Moisturizer $12.
  • Sidenote: I love staying over at friends' houses and using their face wash.  I am able to test different face washes on my skin without having to buy the product. Sorry to those of my friends who have woken up to their face washes missing a dime size drop... guilty!
Foundation: Bare Minerals - Medium Beige
  • If anyone will learn anything from this entry, it will be to use Bare Minerals. I cannot even count on my hands and toes how many times I received compliments about my "skin" (not my makeup) being nice, or even glowing, while wearing this product. Love love love. I have also tried many copy cat mineral makeup lines and... just don't go there.
  • Price: $25

Bronzer: E.L.F. - Mineral Glow - Bronzed Mineral - #6403

  • I used to use the Bare Minerals brand, but found this bronzer to work just fine. Nothing exciting to write home about, but I like it. The price is the best part and it comes in a huge container so it will definitely last a long time.
  • Price:  $8

Eyelid Primer: Bare Minerals - Prime Time Eyelid Primer 

  • I also swear by this product. I got my makeup done for funsies at the Bare Minerals counter in the Nordstrom downtown.  The lovely lady used this product on my eye lids prior to putting on the eye shadow and liner. My makeup stayed on perfectly all day. I went back and bought the primer to use for two weddings last year and my eye makeup was flawless all day and night long. It keeps everything in place.  I also tried other similar products, but nothing compares to this.  It seems expensive, but it has lasted me a year.
  • Price: $16
 Eye Shadows: E.L.F. Mineral eye shadows 

  • I like using the loose powder eyeshadows. I use many different colors and shades, so I wanted to buy a bunch. At the price that this eyeshadow is, I bought almost every color.
  • Price: $3
Eye Liner: E.L.F.  - Waterproof Eye Liner Pen
  • This product is great. It is like a combo between a marker and liquid eyeliner. The product isn't as thick as liquid eyeliner, so it doesn't get too goopy (is that a word?... google spell check says no... oh well I like it!). It goes on so easily and you just write with it like a marker... on your lash line.
  • Price: $1 ...I know. Unreal. I buy three at a time (saves on shipping and handling).
Brows: Bare Minerals Brow Color - Brunette
  • This product stays in place and it gives my sad sad brows some oomph without making it look like I have fake caterpillars resting above my eyes.
  • Price: $11
Mascara: Maybelline New York - The Colossal Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara

  • I have funny asian hair lashes that stick straight out. So my goal with mascara is to have something that works with my lash curler, not against it.  I curl my lashes then put mascara on it, so my lashes do not get pulled out if I do it the way around. Some mascaras, however, will cause my lashes to go stick straight again. This product is like hairspray for my lashes, it keeps them curled and makes them look longer and thicker as well!
  • Price: ~$6
Lips: Burt's Bees - Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil 

  • This stuff tastes fantastic, does not make you a lip balm addict (don't you feel like sometimes if you use some lip balms the product almost makes it worse, because your lips become dependent on the lip balm?)  It also gives my lips a splash of life.
  • Price: $3
Ta Da!


  1. I need to get more Bare Minerals ASAP. Like before Saturday.

    I also need a new under eye concealer...bad.

    That mascara doesn't work for me! Well, it does, right when I put it on, but after a couple hours it's flaking ALL OVER my face.

  2. HAHAHAHA, my word verification for the last comment was "HOOKER"