Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pottery Painting

I crossed off one more item on my Spring & Summer Fun To Do List!

This weekend Jay was in town for Easter and he spent Saturday with me and my family and friends. We first had lunch with my parents at an Asian restaurant in town. It was yummy. I love Sweet and Sour Chicken. So bad for you... but so yummy in my tummy! After I passed out for 10 minutes on the couch due to food overload, we headed over to our great friends Mike and Ashley's house. They are currently our only married friends as of yet, but I have a feeling from here on out it will be wedding after wedding after wedding each year (We already have one this October - go Lauren and Jeff!). Anyway, us four headed to our local Color Me Mine. At first we were pretty apprehensive about the whole thing, because the place was packed with children, but after being there for even 30 minutes the place cleared out. It is better to go later in the day when children need to eat or nap. It is not that I do not love children, but when you are carrying paint and brushes and breakable ceramic items, it is a better experience without 20 kids running around.

Each of us chose a piece to paint and off we went...

Jay chose a wide bowl (he loves to eat out of wide big bowls):

Ashley chose a frog sponge holder (it reminded her of her Nana's kitchen):

Mike chose a large beer drinking mug (he had a better name for it, but I cannot recall):

And I chose 2 items a napkin holder for my mama for mom's day and a lotus flower bowl for my jewelry (not pictured):

The experience was super fun and definitely something I know I will do again and again.

Here are our somewhat finished products (they still need a glaze over them and then they get fired up in a kiln and we pick them up in a week):

Jay decided to paint his with the plaid pattern of his shirt:

Ashley's will look way cooler once it is fired up and all the colors show through:

Mike's ended up being awesome... "Beer Dale's Beard Ale #3" is what the print says... and yep that's a lumber jack complete with beard and hat:

I think my mom will love the napkin holder for her kitchen (along with a Coach wrist-let she will be getting for mom's day):

And my lotus flower will hold my jewelry in my bathroom:

... keep in mind that all our items will look totally different with a glaze over it. The colors are much richer and brighter and the layers of color will show through.

After working up a hunger while painting we decided to have dinner and watch the Final Four game between Butler and Michigan State (Butler won... They are up against Duke tomorrow for the Championship- I am indifferent of course... Illini sucked this year). The boys had to be somewhere with lots and lots of big TVs, so we chose the Thirsty Whale. Overall that experience was great; the food was really tasty! I have been to this place once before at night, when it turns into a club-like atmosphere, and it was awful. During the day it was just a regular sports bar with great food.


My Spring & Summer Fun To Do's...

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