Tuesday, April 20, 2010

standing in trees. taking pictures as i please.

Memories formed recently:

Lisa's birthday party. 
Thrilla Vanilla (Jay) and Thrilla Manila (Me) were in attendance.

So was Mr. Bee. He landed on my blanket while I watched people play bags.

it was a nice spring day. we drank our beers and chilled outside.

the birthday girl. sporting her amazeballs shirt I ordered from UberPrints.

me sporting my shirt that I ordered from Walmart. (one of 17 shirts that floated around that night with a different picture of Lisa on it.)

Stopped on the roadside. Sometimes I forget that even flat prairie land can be really beautiful.

outside Jay's apartment.

Jay loves these yellow pads.

world, meet Luhfawnduh. 
Jay saved her from me, because I am awful at taking care of animals.

I try to convince him to let me put mascara on his lashes. 
not a chance... apparently.

spring is here. really. crossing my fingers.

sunset and blossoms. this makes me want to drink a mimosa.

fun. in a bowl. craft time!

my sunflower of sorts.

shley's star.

manda's heart.
... then you use parchment paper and iron them so they melt together. childhood.

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