Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Carpel Tunnel Much?

So I said I would update today... 
My finger hurts from uploading about 800 pictures to Facebook in the last 24 hours... but I am strong and I WILL blog...

Since being home from Ireland, I have been a busy.. BUSY body...  
For the Blackhawks game I was convinced by my friends to go downtown and hang out in Wrigleyvill at the CubbyBear to watch and celebrate their (potential at the time) win.  I would be a liar if I told you I actually care about hockey, but I am glad I went out to celebrate, because it was an overwhelming moment in time. I am happy when Chicago teams win, in general, so I am happy they won.  Everyone went crazy after the win and the entire neighborhood of Wrigleyville was madness.  I honestly didn't even realize we won when we did, I was staring at the screen and all of a sudden people were throwing beer everywhere... "What? We won? Did the puck actually go in? Why is there beer all over me? I guess we won! YAYYYYYY" <--- thats about how it went.

Inside Cubby Bear... Blackhawks Win!

Streets of Wrigleyville packed with fans

Some of the ladies I was with

On June 12th, 2010...Jay's friend Craig got married to the love of his life, Shauna.  It was a fun fun wedding.  Jay and all his buddies from high school were all there. I happened to have danced my rumpalump off. I really love weddings.

 Shauna and Craig

Me and Jay in our formal wear. We clean up nice, dont we?

 The gents looking mighty fine.

Mike and Jess

Table 15, the bride and groom, and then some.

That's me enjoying a cigar... I wanted to be one with the groom and his gents.

The day after the wedding, I had lunch with my old roommates from U of I (minus one).  We are all grown up now, its pretty fun trying to think back to where we were 3 years ago...  
 Franke, Me, DJ

 Shley, Me, DJ

Shley was an English major who loved to slack off and write her papers 2 hours before they were due... and somehow being able to pull of getting A's and B's on all her papers.  Now she is working at a publishing company, married to her high school sweetheart, with a house, a kitten, and their dog Maddie.  

DJ was a community health major in college, who loved to dance around our mini Christmas tree in the middle of Spring and frequented Firehaus and Brothers (2 of her favorite bars on campus).  She went straight into getting her doctorate in Physical Therapy, which she just graduated from and is now Doctor Deej!  

Franke was a speech and hearing major in college , who loved taking notes in multi colors and did the sudoku everyday in the Daili Illini (our campus newspaper), she also ate tomato soup almost everyday in college.  She is now working at an elementary school in our area as a speech paraprofessional and also as an associate at The Gap (discounts!).  

Shannon (the one missing) was a speech major in college, played for the Illini girls soccer team.  She is now working as a speech therapist for a school near her hometown and is also playing for the Irish National Soccer Team with her younger sister.  She is the one who gave me advice on places I needed to visit in Dublin.

I was a biology major in college, who often skipped class or slept through them.  After college, I went right back into school and got my nursing degree.  I am now working as an ortho/neuro nurse and I am in school getting my Women's health Nurse Practitioner Masters degree.  

We are all somewhat adults now... when 3 years ago we were at the bar Firehaus 3 nights of the week and Murphys Pub another 2 nights of the week.  We used to stay up til 2am watching Planet Earth or my room mates would watch The Hills (I refused).  How things have changed.

After lunch with the ladies, I picked up Jay and we went to my cousin Alyssa's 8th grade graduation party. She looks so much older than an 8th grader, but she is still such an innocent lady.  My family is so large, they rented out a country club for her party.  
Alyssa is in the middle... she looks so much older than an 8th grade graduate.
Joelna and OJ are at her side, Joelna is 7 months preggo! :) Can't wait to see their baby!!

Alyssa and her mom are in the middle in the back row
... and they are surrounded by 10 of my aunties... who are all my dad's sisters.
... oh wait and my mom (back row, second from left) 

Yay my fingers have not fallen off from all the photo uploading and typing!

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