Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vacation of Strawberries.

This past Wed, Thurs, and Fri I was up in Lake Geneva for one of my favoritest people's birthdays...  (gotta love my English)

Laur turned 25!

We walked around downtown Lake Geneva and found that one of the oldest and cutest arcades is shut down...

 in the lake house bathroom... I just like the wall paper

A field by Laura's lakehouse
...apparently it is being sold and will probably have a big, lame, suburban subdivision soon.
Manda's favorite street in Lake Geneva

Sitting by the lake, or any large body of water, has a really calming effect on me. I love just staring out into the endless body of water.  We hung out on the pier and relaxed. I really needed some relaxation.

sitting by the lake
A huge storm hit our first night there, so we stayed in, drank some beers, and went to bed.

We woke up the next day and went strawberry picking. A first for me... but hopefully not the last time I do this.  I had a weird couple of months where I couldn't eat strawberries. Something about the tartness paired with the texture just did not sit right in my mouth.  I have since overcome this weird anti-strawberry kick, but now that I went to this strawberry patch I think I have become a strawberry snob... the best kind of snob! 

The strawberries that you pick up at your local Meijer or Jewel are absolute garbage compared to the strawberries we picked.  These strawberries I ate right off the plant and they were soooo sweet...soft... and scrumptious (I have come to the conclusion I am awful at using descriptive words to really explain the true essence of the food I eat... Note to self: improve upon this)  I usually have to eat strawberries with whipped cream or something sweet to battle the tartness, but these strawberries I ate by the handful.

 The large strawberry patch

See how red they are on the inside? ... even the small ones are sweet.

My favorite picture of the whole trip. 

Yumminess by the handful

My mutant strawberry

All in a days work

My list of everything strawberry I had in ONE day..

-Ate strawberry bread
-Picked strawberries
-Had a strawberry milk shake
-Ate strawberry donuts
-Drank strawberry wine
-Bought strawberry cookies
-Hung out with a strawberry blonde (Shley)
Strawberries Galore!!!

We waited for the other ladies to arrive and we went out to eat ... Friday Fish Fry!

My Mad Men photo of Laura

An actual Mad Men scene from Don's kitchen

Friday Fish Fry!

Afterwards it was ladies night out for Laura's birthday.  Fun fun.

Shley (HAPPY BIRTHDAY - June 14)  ..   Me  ..    Laur (HAPPY BIRTHDAY - TODAY)

Manda, Me, Franke


This sums up our night.

Oscar (laur's pup) looks so unhappy... but I swear he loves me!\


My Spring & Summer Fun To Do's
  • DONE Go to the beach
  • DONE Go to a museum
  • DONE Seek out photo ops 
  • DONE Go to Ireland (June 2-7)
  • DONE Kentucky Derby party @ Mike and Shley's (May 1)
  •  DONE Visit the Sears Tower (not Willis darnit!) Skydeck
  • DONE Have a bonfire
  • DONE Paint pottery
  • Go for a long (for me) bike ride
  • Go to my cabin  (July 10/11 and Aug 7/8!!)
  • Ride a roller coaster
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Have a picnic
  • Go to the zoo
  • Go to a concert
  • Pride parade (June 27)
  • Volunteer
  • Play bocce ball
  • Gamble at a casino
  • See a movie in grant park
  • Go to a cubs game
  • Pitchfork music fest (July 16-18)
  • Play tennis
  • Go camping
  • Chicago Jazz Fest (Sept 3-5)
  • Paint with acrylics
  • Oktoberfest Chicago (Sept 24-26)
  • Lake Geneva trip with my favorite ladies (June 17-19)
  • Summerfest for the 4th of July in Milwaukee, WI
  • Sturgeon Bay, WI for my birthday with a few of my best ladies (July 21-23)
  • Family Picnic (July 24)
  • Possible South Carolina Trip (mid September)

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