Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things I learned in Ireland

Things I learned in Dublin...

- A lot of people in Ireland have blue eyes
- There are more beautiful women in Dublin than in anywhere I have ever been
- People drive on the left side of the road
- Most people drive tiny cars - mostly hatchbacks
- When you tip for anything, you just tip about 1 euro
- Cobblestone streets do not stop girls from rockin' out stilletos
- Irish people love their drink and are quite jolly
- Irish people live in small adorable houses
- Not that many people in Dublin own dogs, not like in Chicago where you see dogs everywhere
- Whenever you eat,you leave everything at the table when you are done, they always take care of it.
- People who live in Dublin are not that difficult to understand, people who live outside the city on the other hand...
- There are no mass food stores like Walmart, people buy their food daily at small markets
- When it rains in Ireland, it rains downward, not like in Chicago when the rain feels like it comes from all directions
- Irish girls have adorable style
- Potatoes are really served with every meal
- The island of Ireland is split in two, with people who want Ireland to be ruled by the British crown and the other half wanting to be totally independent
- Irish people love their rugby, soccer (football), and gaelic football (a combo of the two, kinda)
- Dublin does have McDonalds, Burger King, and Subway
- People mostly drink beer or simple mixed drinks
- Smithwicks with a head of Guinness is delicious, especially if you don't really like Guinness
- Guinness really does taste better in Ireland
- If you go to Dublin, bring really good walking shoes, don't wear flats because they look cute.  The cobblestones will really hurt your feet if you plan on walking long distances in flats.
- The police are called "garda"
- Hotel rooms are small... like most of Europe
- Water is served at room temperature or slightly chilled, never really cold
- Street signs are not on the corner like we have them, they are on the sides of the buildings
- Ireland is awesome.

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