Thursday, September 16, 2010

The right outfit

Going to a concert this weekend means one thing to my closet... 

It is being ransacked for some combo of clothing that I have never thought of before.  

With grad school tuition and $700 of books on labor and birthing, I cannot afford to go out and buy a cute outfit.  (I just have to clarify that the labor and birthing books are for my Women's Health Nurse Practitioner program... I am not trying to birth a child. ha.)  So, I open my closet that is bursting at the seams (I really need to get rid of some old clothes) and start my own fashion show... well, substitute my knee high leather boots for 6 inch platforms... and my favorite cardigans and leggings for risque dresses... and my 5'2'' a few extra lbs body for 6'0'' tall uber skinny models.  It is so important to have the right outfit. I sound so "Legally Blonde" here, but I do not mean it in that way.  It is so important for me to have the correct outfit, because the correct outfit helps to set my mood.  I do not want an outfit I will be uncomfortable in. I do not want an outfit I will be self-conscious in.  I need an outfit that is me, something I have never worn before, and an outfit I just look good in, because lots of pictures will be taken... and pictures become permanent... especially when uploaded to the internet.  More importantly, the concert is outside at Wrigley Field, so I must be able to battle the chill (yay, Fall weather)... but before and after the show we will be hanging at pubs in the city, so I must be able to take layers off when I am indoors, or possibly because I am breaking a sweat when I am dancing to the tunes of Jason Mraz.  Do you see my predicament?!  The outfit has to be versatile!

No worries, my friends, I have triumphed and found the perfect outfit. While it was a struggle, with my floor covered in shoes and clothing of all colors to prove it, I found an outfit that is cute, playful, comfortable, warm, has layers to shed, and will be figure flattering despite all the beer and (hopefully) pizza I will be consuming.  

The perfect outfit... 
-a dress with a long cardigan (layers to shed, yet playful)
-leggings (warmth)
-knee high flat boots (comfort and style)

As me and my friends often say... Done and Duuuuuun. (it is key to emphasize the second "done" to express finality).    


  1. I'm going on a Cardigan search today.
    I'm feeling a LIGHT pink?


  3. Any outfit with tights is automatically awesome. I have been looking around Anthropologie and they have some major swoon worthy tights.

    And how cool is it that we are both amateur photographers! We should learn together. Definitely check out Digital Photography School. That site is amazing! Also, after looking at some of your pictures, you totally have some major talent girl!