Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sad this weekend is over.

Last night was the Jason Mraz and Dave Matthews Band show! I wish it never ended. I have to unfortunately report that Jason Mraz was sub par. I have seen him several times before and he just wasn't as great this time. I think the venue was much too large for him - Wrigley Field seats about 42,000, and this doesn't even include the standing room/ general admission tickets who were lucky to be able to stand right in front of the stage on the field.  Jason Mraz is more like a smaller venue artist.  He did a great job, just not as fantastic as I know he can be.  Dave Matthews Band, however, played better than I have ever heard them! (I may be biased, because my memory of this show is so fresh in my mind, compared to all the other shows I have attended).  Either way, DMB rocked out and they were seriously phenomenally legendary!  I went with four fantastic friends and Jay.  We all had the best time.  

Me and Ashley M before the show.  (This is the "right outfit" I came up with last Thursday)

Oh yeah forgot to mention... I was bored on Friday... and my hair stylist was off for the day... but I really wanted bangs... look who ended up cutting her own bangs, because she is so darn impatient! I am not used to them yet and I keep on doing double takes when I pass a mirror, because it doesn't look like me!

my girls.

the whole group at a pub before the show.

Jay and I having fun during the show.

We were SO far away, but the show was STILL amazing.

Today, I played photographer for my friends.  They are getting married in 3 weeks and part of my wedding gift to them are their engagement photos.  They turned out super adorable.  There is a random barn in my hometown that looks as if it is going to fall apart at any moment.  I have been meaning to find a reason to take a picture of this barn, so when I told Lauren and Jeff that I would do fun engagement photos of them, this was the first location that came to mind.  Today ended up being perfect weather.  It was over cast and not too windy or chilly.  I will just share a few photos from today!

Jeff and Lauren.

What a good looking couple.

Yes, we live in Illinois... lots of corn.

It was so much fun doing this photo shoot. This is my first photo shoot of people. I usually take a lot of pictures of plants, scenery, etc.  They were really great at going with the flow and having fun.  I think these pictures turned out well, considering I have never done this before and still don't fully know how to use my camera!  Cheers to Jeff and Lauren on their upcoming wedding day! I cannot wait to be there to witness the start of your lives together.


  1. The pictures turned out so great! You did a damn good job.

  2. AH! Oh Wrigley Field. I haven't been yet, but want to go to a Cubs game (i guess next summer). I want to see Jason Mraz as well, but i'm going to wait until he comes to a smaller venue.

    Glad it was fun!!!

  3. p.s. are you a nurse?! in nurse practitioner school?!?!

  4. To Ashley M... Thank you! :)

    To Katy... I am a nurse! Working on an ortho-neuro unit... and yes I am getting my Masters to be a Women's Health NP. :)